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Mark Fyers EU Visa Consultant for Spain and Europe

Mark Fyers EU Visa Consultant for Spain and Europe

Read about Mark Fyers EU Visa Consultant. In 2014, Mark Fyers was first introduced to the extensive range of bilateral agreements between the EU and NZ via his friends who invited him to live with them in Pisek, Czech Republic.

It was through their extensive research that he first acquired knowledge which led him to assist other Kiwis when he migrated to France in mid-2015.

Over the last nine years, he has assisted thousands of New Zealanders with visa inquiries and implemented an open communication channel between the Kiwi community in Europe and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade in NZ with assistance from RH Winston Peters and RH Nanaia Mahuta.

Through his assistance, more Kiwis have become aware of and have access to the agreements than ever before.

He has ensured that NZ citizens and their rights in Europe are being met by lobbying the government to ensure consulates and embassies are made aware of and protect the agreements between the host nation and New Zealand.

Through these direct communication channels, Schengen/EU nations that hold bilateral agreements with New Zealand now have notifications on their websites allowing Kiwis to learn more about the agreements for each country, and to ensure that they are aware of and uphold our rights in Europe.

Since 2021, Mark Fyers has also assisted several kiwis who have faced deportation or challenges to the agreements. While several of these community members were challenged in a third country, non-bilateral nation, he was able to ensure that their bans/fines were reversed.

Mark Fyers continues to actively advocate on behalf of the New Zealand community in Europe while educating himself and others on the importance of these agreements to our community.

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