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Gibraltar 7s Rugby 2024

Gibraltar 7s on The Rock 27th to 30th June 2024

Don’t miss out in this years Gibraltar 7s. Join many of the Kiwis down South for the biggest rugby tournament in Gibraltar.

The Gibraltar Rugby 7s is a relatively new rugby sevens tournament held in Gibraltar. Here’s some key information about it:

Gibraltar 7s Overview

  1. Inception: The tournament began in 2021, showcasing the sport of rugby sevens in Gibraltar, a British Overseas Territory located at the southern tip of the Iberian Peninsula.
  2. Frequency: It is an annual event, typically attracting teams from various countries.
  3. Participants: Both men’s and women’s teams compete in the tournament, with participants including national teams, invitational teams, and club sides.

Gibraltar 7s Significance

  1. Promotion of Rugby: The event aims to promote rugby in Gibraltar and the surrounding region, providing a platform for local talent to compete alongside international players.
  2. Tourism and Economy: The tournament helps boost tourism in Gibraltar, drawing rugby fans and tourists to the area, thereby benefiting the local economy.
  3. Community Engagement: It fosters community engagement and sportsmanship, encouraging participation in rugby and other sports at the grassroots level.

Gibraltar 7s Format

  1. Rugby Sevens: The format of the tournament follows the standard rugby sevens rules, with seven players per team and shorter match durations compared to traditional 15-a-side rugby.
  2. Competition Structure: Teams compete in a series of matches, leading to knockout stages and culminating in finals for both men’s and women’s categories.


  1. Venue: Matches are played at the Victoria Stadium, Gibraltar’s main sports venue.
  2. International Participation: Teams from various countries and regions, including Europe and beyond, participate, adding to the tournament’s competitive and diverse nature.
  3. Media Coverage: The event garners media coverage, helping to raise the profile of rugby sevens and Gibraltar as a sporting destination.

Future Prospects

  1. Growth and Development: The Gibraltar Rugby 7s is expected to grow in popularity and scale, attracting more teams and spectators in the coming years.
  2. Partnerships and Sponsorships: Continued support from sponsors and partnerships with rugby organisations could enhance the tournament’s profile and financial stability.

Overall, the Gibraltar Rugby 7s is a burgeoning event in the rugby sevens calendar, contributing to the sport’s global appeal and fostering local and international sporting connections.

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