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Castillo Almodovar del Rio 30 kms from Cordoba

Travel Tips – Castillo Almodovar del Rio 30 kms from Cordoba

Castillo de Almodóvar del Río is a castle of Muslim origin located in the town of Almodóvar del Río, Province of Córdoba, Spain. Previously a Roman fort, the current structure is of Moorish origin dating back to the year 760. During the Middle Ages, it underwent several renovations and reconstructions. Also known in the Game of Thrones as Highgarden castle.

First seen in the 7th season, for the dungeon of the fortress of Casterly Rock and Highgarden of Tyrell’s house. Most recently the castle was rebuilt in the early 20th century century by the then-owner, the 12th Count of Torralva. Along with his architect friend Adolfo Fernandez Casanova (who restored Seville Cathedral), with 800 workers taking 36 years (1901-1937) to finish the project.

Count Josefa Farina Plasencia, who was born in 1853 and inherited the County of Torralva at the age of 29. He also travelled the world and spent time in Australia and New Zealand. We are guessing that he must have known about for the origins of the Māori photo taken we can see.

Castillo Almodovar del Rio 30 kms from Cordoba

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