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Ronda wine tour of La Melonera winery near Malaga

Book your Ronda wine tour and visit the well known La Melonera winery. A popular day trip or long weekend for the Easter break is to visit the Ronda wineries close to Malaga. Easter is this weekend starting on Thursday to Sunday or Friday to Monday for many of the Kiwis working in Gibraltar.

Take a leisurely stroll through this winery and be guided along the grape route, unraveling the entire La Melonera winemaking process amidst the impressive modern facilities. Experience firsthand the exclusive and contemporary methods aimed at crafting the finest quality wines.

During this Ronda wine tour, you’ll have the opportunity to sample a total of three wines. If time allows, one tasting will be conducted outdoors beneath the shade of a century-old oak tree. While the remaining two tastings will take place in the elegant tasting room. Each wine will be accompanied by a selection of cold appetizers, all made using premium ingredients sourced from the Ronda region.

La Encina Del Ingles wine La Melonera Winery

Ronda wine tour price

The duration of this Ronda wine tour ranges between one and a half to two hours.

With a cost of €30 per person. Children under 10 years old can join free of charge, and those aged 10 to 17 can participate for €15.

Ronda wine tour La Melonera

The La Melonera winery estate is, without a doubt, a sophisticated and highly worthwhile destination. Nestled in the Serranía, this winery sits on an expansive farm spanning approximately 8 hectares. The land is adorned with centuries-old oak trees, and the spaces between these majestic oaks are carefully utilized for planting the diverse grape varieties that define the essence of this winery.

La Melonera Bodega Ronda Enoturismo

What sets La Melonera apart is its dedication to preserving and reviving the native grape varieties of the Serranía de Ronda, which were once abundant before the agricultural crisis brought about by the arrival of phylloxera in 1878. Among these cherished varieties are Perruna, Corchera, Blasco, and Tintilla de Rota. However, it is the Melonera grape, the namesake of the winery, that holds a place of utmost importance for them. This commitment to heritage and quality makes La Melonera a truly special and unique gem within the region.

La Melonera Vineyard and Winery Ronda Wine Tour:

Stroll through the quaint vineyard, where various types of vine crops are cultivated, each reflecting unique characteristics. Learn about these vines and their distinct traits as we explore the vineyard.

Next, venture into the winery itself, embarking on the same journey our grapes take during the production process. Gain insight into every stage of this process, from the beginning of the grape to the moment the wine is poured into your glass.

Experience firsthand the remarkable transformation of grapes within the impressive and modern facilities of La Melonera winery. Discover the commitment to excellence through exclusive and innovative processes designed to craft the highest quality wines possible.

Ronda wine tour La Melonera winery photos

Book your Ronda wine tour now!

Ronda wine tour La Melonera Malaga

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Ronda wine tour La Melonera

La Melonera winery contact information and directions



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