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best money transfer apps in spain

Best money transfer app in Spain for Kiwis and Expats

In this blog post, I will be sharing my experience with the best money transfer app in Spain. Having started my own company in New Zealand and later relocated to Mexico and then Spain, I found myself needing efficient solutions to transfer money from New Zealand to various currencies.

My preferred money transfer app is, formerly known as TransferWise.

Wise, a UK-based foreign exchange fintech company founded by Estonian entrepreneurs Kristo Käärmann and Taavet Hinrikus in January 2011, specializes in cross-border payment transfers. As of 2023, Wise offers three main products: Wise Account, Wise Business, and Wise Platform.

During my time in New Zealand, I initially used a local money transfer website due to its comparatively lower fees than those of New Zealand banks. However, upon discovering in 2019, I was pleasantly surprised by the user-friendly interface of both the website and the Wise app.

Now, let’s delve into my review of the first debit card in New Zealand designed to make spending in foreign currencies significantly more affordable. I’ll be covering the money transfer fees, as well as the pros and cons.

Before we dive in, it’s essential to understand that traditional methods such as travel money cards, credit cards, or bank-issued debit cards often come with foreign currency conversion fees, ATM withdrawal fees, and various other charges.

The Wise debit card, however, introduces innovative features, including exceptionally low overseas currency conversion fees, free ATM withdrawals (up to NZ$350/month), a user-friendly app for money tracking, and even the option to set up a Euro foreign bank account.

So how does it actually work to transfer money from NZ to Spain?

Once you have opened your money transfer account, you will need to provide your NZ or Spanish ID card. You will need to select a currency, and the most appropriate is likely to be the NZD or Euro. You can add more currencies later. Wise then verifies the information, which can take 1-3 business days.

Sending money with the money transfer app is straightforward

First step is to SEND MONEY: Where do you want to send the money from?

wise money transfer app

Send from your NZ bank account and enter payment amount

wise money transfer app

Most payments arrive the next day as long as you make your payment to Wise NZ (ANZ bank) straight away.

Next, who are you sending the money to?

wise money transfer app

Send your money to your EUR balance is your advised option

Be sure to check your money transfer details

wise money transfer app

Or what I do is when the NZD rate is high (0.57 to 0.60+) I add to my NZD balance.

I would send a larger amount so I can easily convert to euros when I need the money.

wise money transfer app

Be sure to pay by manual bank transfer from your NZ bank to the Wise NZ bank (ANZ)

wise money transfer app

Next you will have money in your wise money transfer app balance

wise money transfer app

Finally, when you need money simply convert from your NZD balance to EUR.

wise money transfer app

Best money transfer app, in summary:

  • The Wise debit card is easy to sign up for and is loaded with features, making it comparable to a travel money card but more cost-effective in nearly every aspect.
  • There is a one-time charge of $14 / €7 to issue the Wise debit card, covering postage and account setup. After this initial fee, there are no ongoing charges upon card renewal, making it a financially sound choice, especially when compared to traditional travel money cards.
  • Most banks currently impose overseas currency conversion fees ranging from 2% to 2.8% of the purchase price when using a debit card. In contrast, the Wise debit card offers a much better deal, with fees between 0.35% and 2.85% for overseas currency conversion.
  • Popular currencies like AUD, GBP, USD, and EUR incur approximately 0.35% in fees. Moreover, you can make free withdrawals of up to NZ$350 / €200 per month from ATMs worldwide.
  • The Wise debit card is accessible to all New Zealand customers and includes a free New Zealand bank account number.
  • Additionally, users can open accounts in other currencies (USD, AUD, GBP, EUR, etc.) to store money and lock in exchange rates if desired.
  • To find out more about fees go to

I also use money transfer app and used their Metal plan.

I find the Revolut money transfer app to be handy for paying friends in GBP. However, to transfer money from NZ it only works well if you have a family member in NZ who can send you money from their Revolut app to your Revolut app. Revolut does now provide you with a Spanish bank account number. However, I prefer to use my N26 bank account so I can use Bizum for easy app and online payments. I used the Revolut Metal Plan, however they stopped the holiday bookings cashback and the subscription fee is expensive for 2024. The airport lounge pass can be handy if your flight is delayed or you pay about €24 per lounge access. I did not use the car hire insurance or travel insurance cover.

Also read about my preferred Spanish bank account provider.

When my wife Laura and I moved to Spain it was straight forward for us to open a bank account with our NIE and passport. Our first bank we used was Bankia. However Bankia was merged with CaixaBank in March 2021. After receiving a good service for many years from Bankia, the service from CaixaBank was terrible and I was charged high annual fees.

I opened a free N26 bank account in 2020

N26 is a German bank operating in Spain with a full European license, giving you the best of both worlds. Get a Spanish IBAN for local and international bank transfers and use your N26 Mastercard debit card for your online and in-store shopping.

Not a fan of long waiting times for payments, hidden bank fees, or paperwork? Get a bank account in Spain with a physical and virtual Mastercard and 24/7 customer service in English, Spanish, German, French, and Italian. Manage your money on the go with the N26 app and log into your account on your laptop. Open a free N26 bank account to make life easier living and working in Spain.

Pay with Bizum, Apple Pay, Google Pay, CASH26, Wise and SEPA Instant

Don’t hesitate to share your experience and feedback. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to message us or stay connected via our Facebook and Instagram pages. Cheers, Kent.

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