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Toroa Brewing

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  • Barcelona, Spain
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Toroa is the Māori name for the Antipodean Albatross, a great wanderer of the sea and sky. Like the Albatross, we have wandered across the world and picked up the cultures and flavours of Europe, America and the Antipodes. Our beers reflect our whole word view.

Our philosophy is simple: Brew good beer that people want to drink. We don’t want to make the same thing as everyone else so our beers may be a little bit different to what you’re used to. They’re still good, though! We use local malts where possible and our hops are sourced from across the world. We love our beer, and hope you will too.

Chris Milne is the brewer. He is from New Zealand and is an engineer by trade. Recently he made the decision to pursue his passion of brewing good artisan beer. He has travelled widely and enjoyed beer on every continent. He brings this experience and an engineer’s attention to detail to the recipes and production of our beers.

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Brewed in Barcelona, influenced by the world! Quality local craft beers with a global flavour.

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