The Comedy Clubhouse


The Comedy Clubhouse

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  • Barcelona, Spain
  • Arts and Entertainment

Barcelona’s favourite international comedy club. Featuring shows every night of the week with top comics from around the globe!

The Comedy Clubhouse – How We Started

The Comedy Clubhouse Barcelona was founded in March 2021 by Dr Matthew Murtha and John Allis. Two comedians based in Barcelona. Who both saw an opportunity to rent a bar for cheap, while COVID restrictions were in place. Despite having no experience whatsoever with working in a bar, running a business or doing anything practical really, their enthusiasm was infectious! Before long people were lining up to outside the door trying to get in, and the boys realized it was time to move into a bigger place.

They chose a blank canvas on New Canvis Road (Carrer dels Canvis Nous) and started to sell beers out of a cool box and produce lo-fi shows while they worked on the bar. Since opening at Canvis Nous in January 2022, they have built a bar, a bathroom, a radio studio/podcasting space, a piss pond, a community garden & a bodega… and we’re just getting started! Word has also gotten round with famous comedians like Louis CK and Michelle Wolf who have dropped by The Clubhouse to see what all the fuss is about! Come Along And See For Yourself!

Contact The Comedy Clubhouse for event details, or to ask us anything else about our Clubhouse at

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