Tamar – Artist in Tamariu


Tamar – Artist in Tamariu

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Tamar (also known as Tamar McLeod Sinclair) is a creative voice channel, love warrior, inspirational leader, artist, musician and singer for life. When she’s not making art, teaching, dancing, practicing yoga or creating new projects, you can find her by the sea in Tamariu, La Costa Brava where she now calls home.

Born in Aotearoa (New Zealand), Tamar’s ancestral roots are from the Māori Ngāi Tahu tribe, French Polynesian royalty, Aliki (Ariki) a Galalei, and the Saint Clair family of Europe.

“Hypnotic” and “evocative” are two words frequently used to describe the voice of Tamar. Long-time music journalist Graham Reid of Elsewhere NZ defines her as “strong and flexible, romantic and effectively mysterious”.

Whether she is singing and playing the piano alone or accompanied by fellow artists, Tamar captivates her audiences with her powerful musical transmissions that are filled with wild, divine beauty. She penetrates the hearts of young and old alike with what she calls her World Soul Music.

Tamar delivers a unique alchemical experience, abundant with sacred feminine energy. She is a force of nature, expressing her life art with freedom, grace and elegance.

Listening to Tamar is both uplifting and an invitation to live the surprising “impossible” while enjoying an extraordinary journey through deep geographical, emotional, and spiritual landscapes.

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You can follow Tamar on Instagram or email her via https://www.tamar.cat/contact