Pablo Sansalvador – Choreographer


Pablo Sansalvador – Choreographer

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  • Barcelona, Spain
  • Arts and Entertainment

Pablo Sansalvador was born in Wellington, New Zealand to a Kiwi mother and a Catalan father. When he was eight years old he was waiting one afternoon for his little sisters’ dance class to finish when the teacher asked; “Would you like to join in?” He was captured by the balance of physicality, expression, creativity and discipline.

At school he had an affinity towards maths, physics, graphics, and sports. Conscientiously he completed the school curriculum a year early and at the age of 17 and went to Europe to continue his studies in Barcelona. He received a scholarship to attend Rambert School of Ballet and Contemporary Dance in London. As a professional dancer he had had the opportunity to perform in projects and work with companies in the United Kingdom, Germany, Denmark, Switzerland, Spain, New Zealand and South Africa.

He considers himself to be not just a mover, but also a collaborator that looks to engage in a wide range of creative art forms to portray innovative ways of sharing that indispensable feeling of being human and alive.

He is a co-founder of Moving Rhizomes, a multidisciplinary platform that supports creative artists in generating works that benefit society and culture through art. Contact Pablo via his website at