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Jamie Brown Life Coach Majorca

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Meet Jamie Brown Life Coach our very own Kiwi based in Majorca, Spain. Jamie can help you live a better life for you and your family. His passion is working with and inspiring people to take control of their lives.

Originally from Taranaki in New Zealand, Jamie has been Meditating and Teaching since 1985. He continues to enjoy lifelong learning with his students, clients and guides. He was also a Super Yacht Captain, did a lot of sailboat racing and he also worked in search and rescue.

Jamie has a fascinating career and work life owning a well-known Health and Wellbeing Retreat and Spa and Health and Fitness Club (Gym) in New Zealand.

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Jamie Brown Holistic Life Coach & Therapist

Jamie Brown Life Coach Majorca

To assist in healing yourself, your families, your town, your nation, and our Mother Earth (Pachamama, Gaia), we normally approach spirituality in the reverse order of the aforementioned. It is crucial for us to lead better lives and to foster freedom for ourselves and our families. In these challenging times, we find ourselves called upon to fight for the freedoms that are slipping away.

Shamans, healers, and Earthkeepers from every corner of our world are urging us to step up in protecting and caring for Mother Earth. We have been granted a single generation, merely 20 years, to make a significant impact. Otherwise, we risk becoming like the dinosaurs, remembered solely as the most destructive species to ever inhabit this planet.

I strongly believe that the most effective way to change the world is to begin with ourselves, thereby inspiring others as they witness our growth and transformation. As we attend to our own needs, there is one less person in the world burdened with worry. Interestingly, many of my friends and acquaintances in the Health and Wellness sector worldwide are unaware of my involvement in the Super Yacht and Finance Industry.

Similarly, those in the Super Yacht and Finance sector know very little of my life in the realms of Health, Wellness, and Spirituality. The time has come to bridge these gaps. The message has become clear to me: God/Spirit and the Universe have unequivocally shown that I must act now. Whether this calling is meant solely for me, or for you, or perhaps one or two others I may encounter and collaborate with, so it shall be.

I am returning to this service with a resolute commitment to assist. And assist I shall. With an unwavering faith in the partnership between spirit and humanity, I bring to this work my belief that each of us holds infinite possibilities within. It would be my honor to help you uncover your own unique landscape. Feel free to visit me on social media to view my full biography and learn how long this calling has been a part of my life. With Love, Light, and Peace, Jamie.

With Love, Light, and Peace, Jamie.