Ismanah Hayes – Artist


Ismanah Hayes – Artist

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  • Madrid, Spain
  • Arts and Entertainment

My work involves a variety of media. I paint in oils, draw and sculpt. A portion of my drawings are expressive, fantasy-like and illustrative, drawn with soft pastels and charcoal. I also create more realistic works and have painted pet portraits as commissions, carved ornate plaster frames, produced many life drawings and paintings, bronze, stone and wood sculptures, as well as drawings for stories I have written very largescale drawings.

Ismanah Hayes Kiwi artist was born in London, England in 1966. At the age of two she moved to New Zealand. From this moment on, art in all its facets was presented as her main passion.

At the age of 13 years old Ismanah, along with her family began a new adventure in North America, followed by England and eventually moving to Australia. Where she studied Fine Art at the National School of Arts in Sydney, specialising in sculpture.

She had sculpture and drawing exhibitions in Sydney and worked in set design. Between 1989 and 1999, in England, she exhibited her artwork in various galleries in Norwich and London. Working on art for children with special needs and made 2 and 3D scenery for theatre, events in cultural centres. Later in Sheffield she received commissions for the Sheffield Hospital and for individuals.

In 1999 Ismanah left her hometown and landed in Madrid with the aim of having more time to develop as an artist in a city with light, sun, and blue skies. Vibrant colours have always influenced her paintings as shown in her latest exhibition of chalk pastel drawings.

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