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Study in Barcelona

What you need to know for a Student Visa for Spain

The Student Visa does not provide the right to work, once you have the Student Visa, you can request the authorization to work in Spain.

Student Visa for Spain:

  • Learn Spanish Course of 20 Hours per week
  • Minimum stay 6 months
  • Payment upfront of the 6 months course
  • Proof of money to cover your stay of 570 Euros per month (can be parents bank account)
  • 3420 Euros for 6 months
  • Medical insurance (approximately 30 euros per month)
  • Proof of stay (letter from homeowner and padron)
  • Form completed & TASA payment for Student Visa

If the stay is longer than 6 months additional:

  • Police record
  • Medical test

Refer to the below websites:

The universities in Spain are among the most prestigious not just in Europe. Every year, a considerable number of international students apply to Spanish universities, resulting in some of the most varied campuses in the world. Take a look at what the top 10 universities in Spain have to offer…

  1. Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona
  2. Universidad Autonoma de Madrid
  3. University of Navarra
  4. Pablo de Olavide University (Universidad Pablo de Olavide)
  5. University of Valencia (La Universitat de Valencia)
  6. CEU Universities
  7. Universitat Rovira i Virgili
  8. University of Granada (Universidad de Granada)
  9. Nebrija University (Universidad Antonio de Nebrija)
  10. University of Deusto (Universidad Deusto)

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