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Minor Figures Latte Meke Cafe recommends

Minor Figures Oat Milk for Barista Quality Latte Art by Sam at Meke cafe

When it comes to using plant-based milk alternatives, there is one common issue – which is that they behave differently, making it more challenging to create beautiful latte art. Article by Sam Swinburn.

Meke uses and supplies Minor Figures Oat Milk – an excellent barista-friendly, dairy-free option which is perfect for latte art. It creates silky smooth microfoam and has a delicious creamy taste, so whether you’re a barista or a home coffee connoisseur, this is the oat milk that we recommend to help you make the perfect coffee.

Meke Coffee’s tips for latte art using Minor Figures Oat M*lk. 

You will need:


Step 1: Pour the Minor Figures Oat Milk into the milk jug, put the thermometer inside and place the steam wand at the bottom. Turn on the steam and begin to heat the milk, slowly raising the wand until it’s about 1 cm below the milk surface.

Step 2: Once the oat milk reaches 37°C, angle the wand so the milk swirls around in the pitcher. This will help create ‘microfoam’.

Step 3: Continue this process until the oat milk reaches 65°C, then remove the wand.

Step 4: Swirl the milk in the jug using a circular motion, then tap the pitcher assertively on a hard surface to eliminate larger bubbles which helps to achieve a creamier consistency.

Minor Figures Latte Meke Cafe Ibiza


  1. Use the coffee machine to prepare your espresso and begin adding milk within 10 seconds
  2. Start by pouring milk from about 3 cm above the cup, while aiming for the middle of the cup
  3. Once the cup is around 80% full, push/lower the jug closer to the surface of the cup. This will push the milk foam to the surface
  4. Gently move the jug from left to right to create two halves of the heart and finish by guiding the pitcher across the middle of your design to create the point at the bottom


This oat milk has been created especially for baristas. Available in organic and regular, this delicious and natural oat milk foams to a silky smooth texture, making it ideal for latte art. It’s dairy-free and suitable for vegetarians and vegans with no added sugar, stabilisers or preservatives.

Have you ever tried doing latte art? We want to see it! Tag us on Instagram @meke_coffee_roasters

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