Sarah Claman – Violinist


Sarah Claman – Violinist

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  • Barcelona, Spain
  • Arts and Entertainment

Sarah Claman is a violinist and composer from New Zealand, specialized in improvisation and contemporary music. She has lived and worked in England, Amsterdam, and currently in Barcelona for over a decade where she actively takes part in the free improvisation scene, sharing the stage and recording with a wide variety of musicians. She is also the founder of the string ensemble “Flying Trees,” dedicated to improvised music, and a member of the experimental rock group “Treebark.”

“Sarah’s violin is a music box with voice-like resonances. Its strings activate and crunch with the same concentrated intensity with which they mutter. In her hands, the instrument appears to crumple like a piece of paper that, soon enough, folds out and takes back its form.” – Carlos Pérez Cruz

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Sarah Claman photo by Joan Cortès