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Read how to exchange your NZ drivers licence in Spain

Read how to exchange your NZ drivers licence in Spain. The New Zealand Spain Driver Licence Exchange Agreement entered into force on June 2, 2023. Here are some answers to your questions on how this will work. For all questions please go to the Official New Zealand in Spain government website: and

The below information was first published via the New Zealand Embassy in Spain on their Facebook page. For further questions please go to

In order to exchange your NZ drivers licence in Spain, you must provide the following documentation: Your NIE or residence card (it is essential that you are a legal resident in Spain to be able to exchange your licence). New Zealand passport (original and valid) or DNI in case of Spanish nationality.

NZ drivers licence in Spain

NZ drivers licence in Spain – Driving in Spain

New Zealanders over the age of 18 years with a valid New Zealand driver´s licence who are in Spain as legal visitors may drive on their New Zealand driving licence, for up to six months. New Zealand driving licence must be translated into Spanish, and must carry both all the time. New Zealanders in Spain in any other circumstances should contact their local Dirección General de Tráfico(external link).

New Zealand citizens must, within six months of having obtained residency in Spain apply for a Spanish driver’s licence. There is no bilateral agreement between New Zealand and Spain on the exchange of New Zealand driver’s licences for a Spanish driver’s licence. Therefore, New Zealand residents in Spain, although they may be experienced drivers, must comply with all the requirements for obtaining a Spanish driver’s licence which includes passing both the written and the practical driving test.

If you have lost or had your valid New Zealand Photo Drivers Licence stolen, you can apply to have it reissued by the New Zealand Transport Agency in New Zealand. To obtain an application form, contact the New Zealand Transport Agency(external link).

You will need to enclose certified copies of your ID when you post the forms back to New Zealand for processing. Refer Embassy services and fees for the cost of certifying in this Embassy.

If your photo licence has expired you will not be able to renew it until you are back in New Zealand. You will not be able to hire a car or drive with an expired licence. For any queries about this process please contact the NZ Transport Agency directly:

NZ drivers licence in Spain – Certificate of Particulars

If you need to prove you are a licenced New Zealand driver, you can request a Certificate of Particulars(external link). This certificate sets out all details relevant to your NZ licence. To apply, fax or email the New Zealand Transport Registry Centre with details of your name, date of birth and address and how you want to receive the certificate. Fax: +64 6 953 6267 or email:

Information source:

  1. How do I exchange my New Zealand driver licence?

    You can submit your exchange applications in person or by mail at any of DGT’s 50 provincial headquarters, two local headquarters, or 16 local offices. In-person services are available by appointment only. You can locate your nearest DGT office here:

  2. What documentation do I need to provide when applying for a conversion of my New Zealand driver licence?

    You will need to submit the following documents when applying to exchange your New Zealand driver licence for a Spanish one. All documents must be originals:
    1. Completed application form (available in PDF format on the DGT website).
    2. Valid national identity card or New Zealand passport.
    3. Spanish residence permit (Tarjeta de Identidad de Extranjero – TIE) or proof of registration in the Central Register for Foreigners for New Zealanders who have dual citizenship with an EU/EEA country.
    4. Medical certificate from a recognised medical centre like the Authorised Drivers´ Check Centre (Centro de Reconocimiento de Conductores Autorizado).
    5. Current and valid New Zealand driver licence.
    6. Two recent colour passport photographs (32x26mm portrait image against a plain, light background without head coverings, sunglasses, tinted/thick-framed glasses, or any other accessory that may prevent or make identification problematic. Head coverings for religious reasons are acceptable, provided the full face is visible from the hairline to the bottom of the chin).

  3. How much will it cost?

    You will need to pay a €28.87 fee when converting your New Zealand driver licence to a Spanish one. Please note that it is necessary to book an appointment with DGT before starting the application process. This can be done online through the DGT website here:
    or by calling the general government information hotline at 060. If a third person will be applying on your behalf, they must inform DGT when making the appointment and eventually present their official ID card or passport and a written authorisation from you confirming that they are representing you free of charge.
    There are three payment options:
    1. online through the DGT website:
    2. by bank card at DGT Traffic Departments across Spain:
    3. by direct debit from a bank account or in cash at any bank (the 791 payment application form is available in paper format at Traffic Departments and can also be downloaded electronically from the DGT website:

  4. Do I have to surrender my New Zealand licence?

    You will be required to surrender your New Zealand driver licence when converting it to a Spanish licence. The Spanish traffic authority (DGT) will return your New Zealand licence to Waka Kotahi, the New Zealand Transport Agency (NZTA). If or when you return to New Zealand, you may obtain a New Zealand photo driver licence via a replacement application. Further information on this process will be available on the NZTA website in due course.

  5. Which New Zealand licence classes are covered by the DLA?

    The DLA covers Class 1 (cars) and Class 6 (motorcycles) New Zealand driver licences. New Zealand Class 6 licences will only be exchanged for Spanish Class A licences when the holder is at least 20 years old and has held that class for two years. For all other licence classes, New Zealanders are required to take the full Spanish driving test.

  6. I already have a Spanish driving licence for car, can I add my other NZ licences (motorcycle, heavy vehicle, etc.) to my Spanish licence?

    The driver licence exchange is applicable only to cars and motorcycles. You will be able to add relevant classes to an existing Spanish licence, and then you will be required to surrender your New Zealand driver licence.

  7. Once I convert my licence, can I drive in New Zealand on a Spanish driver licence?

    If you have a valid Spanish driver licence, you can drive in New Zealand for up to 12 months from the date of your arrival in the country. You must have the licence translated into English. Waka Kotahi approved translators can be found here: and you will need to carry the translation with your original licence while driving in New Zealand.
    International driving permits are also valid and can be obtained by applying through DGT. Detailed instructions on the application process can be found here:
    If you want to continue driving in New Zealand 12 months after your arrival in the country, you can apply for a replacement of your original New Zealand driver licence. If you have not held a New Zealand driver licence previously, you will need to apply for a conversion of your Spanish licence. Instructions on the application process to convert your Spanish licence to a New Zealand equivalent can be found here:

  8. If I don’t convert, can I drive in Spain on a New Zealand driver licence?

    New Zealanders visiting Spain have two options for driving:
    1. Visiting New Zealanders may drive for a maximum of six months on a valid and in force New Zealand driver licence.
    2. New Zealanders residing in Spain may drive with a valid New Zealand driver licence for a period of six months from the date they obtain the residence permit. After this period, if they want to continue driving in Spain they must exchange the New Zealand driver licence for a Spanish equivalent.

  9. Is there a minimum period in Spain to be eligible for this exchange?

    There is no requirement to have been in Spain for any specific period of time before being eligible for exchange.

  10. Can I request a conversion to a Spanish licence if I obtained my New Zealand licence through a previous exchange of a licence from a different country?

    No. The DLA does not apply to driver licences issued in New Zealand resulting from the exchange of a driver licence from another country.

  11. What are my options if my New Zealand licence has expired?

    New Zealand driver licences may only be renewed in New Zealand. See:
    It is possible to extend an expired licence for 12 months from the date of expiry via a replacement application your licence. If your licence expired more than five years ago, you may have to resit theory and practical tests to requalify your licence unless you can substantiate that you have been licenced to drive during this period.

  12. What are my options if my New Zealand licence has been lost or stolen?

    If your New Zealand driver licence has been lost or stolen, you may obtain a replacement licence from overseas provided your licence has not expired. If your licence has expired, you may extend it for 12 months from the date of expiry via the replacement application.

  13. Is the nationality of the person holding the NZ licence relevant to this exchange?

    The exchange is for valid driver licences issued in New Zealand, and is not determined by nationality of the holder.

Information source is

Please read the below information from the New Zealand Embassy

If you are in Spain and you need to contact the New Zealand Embassy in Madrid, please refer to the links below:

Official New Zealand in Spain government website:

Official New Zealand in Spain social media pages:

Visas for Spain (Information provided by New Zealand Embassy in Madrid)

The New Zealand Embassy is not responsible for providing information on entry requirements or issuing visas to New Zealanders wishing to visit, work or reside in Spain. As the Embassy cannot comment on the immigration laws of another country, it is suggested to consult with the Spanish Embassy in New Zealand. If you are currently in Spain and require information on applying for a visa or the right to remain in the country, the competent authority to give advice will be the Oficina de Extranjería.

If you are in New Zealand and you have any visa related questions please contact the Spanish Embassy in Wellington below:

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