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European Cricket Series Gibraltar 2024

European Cricket Series Gibraltar 2024 (18 to 28 Jan 2024)

The European Cricket Series Gibraltar 2024 season is about to begin! European Cricket Series Cyprus kicks off on January 17th followed by European Cricket Series-N Gibraltar on January 18th. Get ready for a cricket carnival like no other.

European Cricket Series Gibraltar 2024 Game Schedule

European Cricket Series Gibraltar 2024

Watch out for Kiwis in Spain Kent Routen and John Matthews from Australia. If you are interested in playing cricket in Gibraltar go to this form here

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Latest scores and fixtures:

European Cricket Series: A Year-Round Pathway for Aspiring Cricketers

The European Cricket Network (ECN) was founded in 2019, is the digital home of cricket in Europe.

The European Cricket Series, ECS, is known as the world’s largest TV broadcasted cricket product, with over 1,000 matches played per year. The ECS ignites competitive club cricket across Europe with events played in over 20 key countries during 12 months of the year. Matches are played both day and night to suit an enormous audience of global cricket lovers.

– Participants: +600 clubs and +7,000 players

European Cricket Series Gibraltar 2024

The ECN is focussed on growing the sport by developing great events.

While using cutting edge technology to create entertainment, promotion and digital fan engagement of cricket being played all over Europe, then taking it to a global audience via ECN media partners.

The ECN produces live, TV quality broadcasts of the following three marquee events throughout the year;

European Cricket Network Gibraltar

European Cricket Series (ECS)

  • Igniting domestic club cricket as fast as possible. ECS events are played and hosted by local clubs and cricket Federations in cities across Europe all year round.

European Cricket Championship (ECC)

  • An annual tournament played by European national teams. The ECC is the first international T10 cricket event ever to be staged.

European Cricket League (ECL)

  • An annual tournament played by the champion clubs of each of the European partner countries’ top league competitions.

The ECN crew is driven by a vision that couples a passion for cricket with the power of latest technologies to deliver elite level competitions that are accessible to a diverse group of athletes across Europe. ECN’s innovation has the potential to make cricket the largest summer bat and ball team sport across Europe in the next generation and beyond.

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