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Spain is Ideal for Retirees and Digital Nomads

The best cost of living country is Spain in all of Europe! Very attractive for Retirees and Digital Nomads. Spain has the best cost of living compared to 13 other European destinations!

Spain is the best cost of living country in Europe for Retirees and Digital Nomads

When considering the best countries in Europe for cost of living, Spain stands out as a top choice, particularly for retirees and digital nomads. Compared to 13 other European destinations, Spain offers the most affordable cost of living.

In today’s economic climate, where expenses seem to be constantly increasing, the reality is that everything truly is becoming more expensive. From food to housing, the cost of living in the U.S. is rising, mirroring a similar situation in the United Kingdom, which experienced an 11.1 percent annual inflation rate in 2022, reaching a 41-year high. Given these circumstances, now may be the ideal time to consider relocating abroad, specifically to the sunny shores of Spain.

Study in Barcelona
Barcelona city

An Ideal Destination for Retirees and Digital Nomads

In January, Property Guides, a website dedicated to assisting individuals in purchasing property abroad, released its Cost of Living Overseas Index. This comprehensive analysis compared the cost of living across various countries to that of the United Kingdom. Following their examination, Property Guides identified Spain as the top destination for those seeking a more affordable lifestyle.

To arrive at this conclusion, researchers meticulously compared everyday living expenses, providing an accurate depiction of the true cost of residing in each location, not merely visiting. This assessment included a wide range of factors, from the price of basic groceries to the expenses associated with establishing a new home, hiring household help, local fuel costs, and even entertainment expenses such as Netflix subscriptions and movie tickets.

Fuengirola Costa del Sol Spain
Fuengirola Costa del Sol

“We found Spain to have the lowest cost of living compared to the other countries analysed,” the team reported.

To provide perspective for UK residents, the same ‘basket of goods’ that costs £1,996 (approximately $2,500) in the UK amounts to just £1,295 (around $1,621) in Spain.”

Additionally, the study highlighted the significant cost savings on essential food items and household goods in Spain compared to other nations. “It’s no surprise that the same basket of supermarket essentials is 53 percent more expensive in the UK than in Spain,” the team noted. “Particularly noteworthy is the substantial price difference for items like dog food, gin, and dark chocolate, which are more than double the price in the UK compared to Spain.

Short stay in Mallorca
Beautiful Mallorca Island

Italy emerged as the second most affordable country for cost of living, followed by Portugal, Greece, and Germany, completing the top five destinations for those seeking affordability.

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